Remove A Broken Key From Ignition

Remove A Broken Key From Ignition

Breaking your key off in the ignition is a scary experience that can leave you feeling helpless and stuck. But you don’t have to panic. You can use a few tricks to help you get it out without damaging your car’s lock or ignition. In this article, there are ways listed to help you in case a key breaks in the ignition port.

So, what do you do when you accidentally snap off your key in the ignition?

Contact A Locksmith

Contacting an automotive locksmith can always be a number one option to avoid further damages from taking place. If none of the removal methods works for you, don’t stress yourself out. Call a locksmith to come through and help you out.

Using Nose Pliers

When a key fragment is visibly sticking out of the ignition, nose pliers are used to taking it out. Its small size and pointy structure allow you to take the fragment out by pinching the end of the key and pulling it straight out.

Using Cooking Spray

It’s only advisable to use a cooking spray if using the pliers or wire doesn’t work as your key not only gets stuck but becomes slippery. Just spray a little cooking spray into the ignition and use a hacksaw blade to take off the key.

Using A Hacksaw Blade

This is done together with the pliers. Try pushing with the blade and pulling with the pliers to get the broken key off.

Use of Thin Wire

A thin wire is normally inserted into the lock ignition to remove the key. It’s shaped like a hook to allow easy insertion into the ignition. Once the wire gets into the end of the lock and is properly hooked, use the needle-nose pliers to remove it from the ignition.

Broken keys are mostly caused by small accidents, like when a driver accidentally opens the side door incorrectly, and too much pressure is exerted on the lock.

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