Auto Locksmith Or Car Dealer? Where Should I Get A Car Key Replacement?

Auto Locksmith Or Car Dealer? Where Should I Get A Car Key Replacement?

Locking keys inside the car or accidentally misplacing them are unfortunate scenarios that usually happen to many drivers. When it comes to acquiring help, you can opt for a car dealer or auto locksmith assistance. Both offer similar results, but they differ in various ways.

This is due to their difference in specialization. Both are specialized in different ways, and it’s important to get to know what they do. So, which is the better option? Car dealerships or locksmiths services? Here are some of the comparisons between the two.


Auto locksmiths provide faster services and they are more convenient as they come over directly to your exact location. There, you get to receive your car replacement any time that you need it.

On the other hand, it’s necessary to book an appointment in advance when dealing with car dealers since they deal with many customers which may require you to wait for hours to get your car keys replaced.


Car dealerships tend to charge more for car services since they offer several things, and they also provide financing alternatives or warranties with the purchase of an automobile.

However, auto locksmiths are more pocket-friendly and their services are more affordable since there are no other additional features when unlocking your car. Their prices depend on your location, but they generally charge less than car dealers.

Customer Services

Car dealerships can sometimes become packed with customers when they visit for assistance. This means customer services may not always be as swift as expected since many people could be waiting to be served. On the other hand, auto locksmiths usually tend to one customer at a time. They focus on giving the best services possible to their clients.

However, car dealers are well adverse when it comes to car matters and can easily answer any questions related to your car, something auto locksmiths cannot do.

To avoid frustrations and disappointments, it’s always better to find an option that is convenient for you. But you always don’t have to undergo many processes to get your car problems fixed when you visit Cobb Parkway Locksmith company for your car services.

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