How to Repair a Broken Keyless Entry Remote


How to Repair a Broken Keyless Entry Remote

Using a keyless entry remote is a convenient way to lock and unlock your car from a distance. If the remote stops working, however, your routine can be considerably disrupted. Fortunately, in many cases, a broken keyless entry remote can be repaired.

Steps to Repair a Broken Keyless Entry Remote

    1. Determine the cause of the problem. The keyless entry remote may not be working because of a dead battery, corroded battery contacts, or an internal circuit failure.


    1. If you suspect a dying battery, remove the battery from the remote and replace it. Refer to the instruction manual for your keyless entry remote to identify the battery type.


    1. Clean any corrosion from the battery contacts with a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol.


    1. If replacing the battery did not resolve the issue, open the keyless entry remote and inspect it for any signs of physical damage. If you find any, contact the manufacturer for a replacement.


    1. If you have identified that there are no issues with batteries or physical damage, use a voltage tester to determine that all the pins on the remote’s circuit board are receiving power.


    1. Run an induction test with a watt meter to check for any short circuits in the remote’s circuitry. If there is a short on the circuit board, replace the circuit board.


Tips for Repairing a Broken Keyless Entry Remote

    • When replacing the battery, make sure to match the old battery’s type and voltage.


    • If you don’t feel comfortable doing repairs on your own, consult with an auto locksmith or take your car to a dealership.



In many cases, if your keyless entry remote is not working, you can repair the problem yourself. While the steps for repairing a broken keyless entry remote can be complicated, following these recommendations can help. In Case you need assistance – we are here to help – locksmiths in Marietta GA