Methods To Prevent Car Lockouts

Methods To Prevent Car Lockouts

Dealing with a car lockout is normally very stressful since, in most cases, it usually happens at the most inconvenient places and times. Apart from messing up your plans and day, locking yourself out of your car can expose you to danger. To prevent car lockouts from happening to you, there are multiple preventive measures you can keep in mind to assist you.

Some of the tips that will assist you to prevent locking yourself out of the car include:

Have A Set of Spare Keys

Having spare keys will always save you a bunch of trouble. Always have one with you hidden somewhere in your handbag or a jacket you put on daily. They come in handy in such times of lockout situations.

Keep Your Keys To Yourself

The golden rule of being a car owner or a driver is taking care of your key. Always carry your keys with you whenever you exit your car. Make it a habit of always placing them inside your pockets once out of the ignition. This will save all the headaches of losing a key and troublesome situations.

Use A Fob To Unlock The Car

Using a fob to lock or unlock your car requires sensor technology. This means you will always have to have the car keys. This is a great way to help prevent a lockout as it ensures you always take your keys with you whenever you leave the car.

Check the Batteries

Whenever your fob batteries start running low, don’t wait until the last minute to replace them. Make it a routine to always replace them right away to avoid unfortunate scenarios.

Keep Your Locks Lubricated

Change in temperatures may cause locks to freeze, making it hard and sometimes almost impossible to turn the key and get inside your car. So, it’s always important to use a spray lubricant to keep your locks lubricated. Always be prepared with some of these tips to help you out and get you going.

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