Ways To Maintain Door Lock Longevity

Ways To Maintain Door Lock Longevity

It is vital to note that every mechanical device needs proper maintenance to ensure it lasts long and works correctly, and your locks are no exception to this.

Make Sure Your Door is Hung Correctly

A door that sags typically creates pressure on your lock’s bolt, and this may leave you locked in or out of the house. Locks work correctly if the door is installed correctly and it is also prepared for the wave.

Regularly Clean Your Door Locks

This simple maintenance strategy involves using a damp rag to wipe off any dirt that may have settled on the locks. Avoid using adhesives or chemicals as the lock’s protective coating cannot withstand harsh adhesives.

Lubricate The Inside Part of the Locks

Consider using graphite lubricants instead of petroleum-based products. This is the most overlooked task as most people do not see the need to do so. All you have to do is spray a small amount inside the lock and move the lock-in and out to get rid of any dirt.

Make Copies of Your Keys

Keys tend to wear out quicker than the locks. The best way to maintain your keys is by making copies of each one of them. A worn-out key will force you to purchase a new lock. But with a few keys, this can be avoided, and serve you for a long time.

Check Your Deadbolt

Make sure you can quickly secure your door’s deadbolt without pushing or pulling the knob if your lock wasn’t installed correctly; if you are required to move the door around to get it to lock with the deadbolt. Ensure the deadbolt extends when the door is closed.

Use the Right Key

Never use a key that is more than one size too large for the door lock – this will wear out the pins in the lock and lead to breakage.

Apply Gentle Pressure

Keep an eye on how much force you are exerting when inserting or withdrawing a key – using too much force can cause damage from the over-extension of springs.

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