Rekeying Vs. Lock Replacement

Rekeying Vs. Lock Replacement

When we talk about rekeying, we mean altering the lock mechanism so that the old key will no longer open it, and a new key comes in handy after a locksmith is done with rekeying. Here, the door hardware is still the same, and its outside appearance is not tampered with.

While lock replacement typically means removing an old locking door hardware and replacing it with new hardware. In this case, you will have both new locks and keys.

To determine what service is best for you, here are some of the things you will have to consider before deciding on what you would like: rekeying or locks replacement.


When it comes down to cost, replacing your locks is more expensive compared to having the locks rekeyed. Rekeying only involves changing your keys to new ones, while lock replacement consists of changing both the keys and the locks.

Rekeying is cheaper since the price of critical pins is relatively lower. So, you should only consider replacing your locks if you want new ones and you would not wish to rekey them.


Additionally, when it comes to time management. Rekeying is less time-consuming compared to lock replacement when it is done by a professional locksmith. As you are now aware, rekeying only involves changing the key and does not require many workforces or the use of many tools. Lock replacement may consume a lot of time since it is the whole hardware that needs to be changed.

Taste and Preference

Lock replacement allows you to choose a design or color that you prefer based on your taste and preference. You have the opportunity to decide what suits you best. You may like to upgrade your locks by installing electronic locks or fingerprint locks; lock replacing gives you the privilege of doing so.

On the other hand, rekeying does not give you room to choose what type of locks you would prefer to retain your old locks.

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