How To Avoid Locksmith Scam?

How To Avoid Locksmith Scam?

There are hundreds of locksmiths who make good promises before you give them your project. Sadly, most of them will charge you hefty amounts then deliver shoddy work or disappear with your money.

Here are essential tips you can use to avoid being scammed:

Pay After

Scammers mostly insist on payment before they get the job done. Thus, ask the locksmith to finish the job first, and you will pay after you are satisfied with the results. That way, if they produce substandard work, you can refuse to pay and ask to speak to their superiors or even report to the authorities.

Read Reviews

Customers mostly leave mixed reviews depending on their experience with any company. By reading customer reviews, you can get a deeper insight into the company’s services, pricing, and customer support that will help you decide whether it is the best choice for you.

Although some customers may be biased, reading several reviews will give you more information about the company to make informed decisions.

Get Referrals

When you need a locksmith urgently, the best option is to get referrals from your friends and family of the best locksmiths they know. In most cases, they will refer to locksmiths whom they have previously worked with and produced high-quality results.

Enquire About Extra Charges

When a locksmith is giving you price estimates, make sure you ask them about any additional charges. That is the best way to ensure that you are not shocked when it comes to billing, and you realize the cost is much higher than the initial estimates. Ensure you also have the estimates in writing because most scammers go back on their words.

Make Sure They Are Legitimate

Legitimate businesses have no problem listing a physical address and various contact methods because they have nothing to hide. Therefore, if the locksmith doesn’t give you a physical address, they are likely to be scammers and it is better to choose another company to avoid disappointments and losses.

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