When Should I Replace My Door Locks

When Should I Replace My Door Locks

Installing door locks is an excellent way of securing your home against thieves. However, unless you maintain your locks and replace them when necessary, you may end up exposing your home to dangers and risks.

When Moving To A New Home

Ensure that you change all the locks of your new home. The previous owners may have spare keys for your doors, and thus they can access your house whenever they want. This means that the safety of your home is compromised and you are at risk of being robbed.

After An Attempted Break-In

Whether it was a successful or an attempted break-in, you must change your locks because the attempt must have weakened them. Additionally, the burglars may have mastered your locks design and, in the next attempt, they will easily succeed.

Lost or Stolen Keys

The reason for replacing your locks when you lose keys is that you don’t know who took them and their reasons. Your keys may be used to unlock the doors and the thieves will rob you even during the day.

You Fired an Employee Or They Resigned

It is very easy for former employees to use the keys to gain unauthorized access and steal from you, especially if they left bitterly. Even if you asked for their keys, they might have duplicated them, so it is better to change your locks to be safe.

Old and Worn Out Locks

Burglars take advantage of the weaknesses in your security system to steal from you. Old locks are very easy to break, especially by applying physical force. That is why experts advise that you should change locks after seven years.

Bitter Break Up or Divorce

Bitter ex-partners can go the extra mile to make your life miserable. Thus, once you part ways with them, ensure you change your locks and upgrade your security system to safeguard your home and properties.

Inferior Or Low-Quality Locks

Your home or business deserves the best security level thus you should ensure you upgrade it regularly. If you realize that your lock system is inferior or of low quality, contact a locksmith so that it can be changed.

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