Types Of Keys

Types Of Keys

There are many keys because locks vary in size, shape, and locking and unlocking mechanisms. When choosing locks for your home or business, you should select the ones whose corresponding keys are hard to replicate, thus discouraging potential thieves.

Dimple Keys

It is easy to identify them because of the numerous dimples along the blade of the key. The locks have corresponding pins; thus, when the dimples and the pins align, the locks will open. The dimples are on both sides of the key, so you don’t have to worry about the right side.

Abloy Keys

They are used to open disc tumbler locks. They rotate the enclosed discs until they align to release and open the locks. They do not contain any spring mechanism; thus, they are almost impossible to pick.

Transponder Keys

These keys contain a transponder chip at the plastic part of the key. The chip contains a code that helps the key user control locks. Transponder keys are very specific, and they are not easy to replicate because they require programming.

Key Card

They look a lot like credit cards because they have the same size and shape. A key card is electronically programmed to open a specific lock; thus, they work best in hotel rooms, and it can also be found in government buildings.

Paracentric Key

These are the most uncommon type of keys, and they are mainly used in prisons. They contain a contorted blade on one side and tiny teeth aligned next to it; they are used to open paracentric locks, which are very hard to pick.

Double Or Four Sided Key 

They are easy to identify because they have either two or four sets of teeth on different sides of the key. The four-sided keys offer the best security because the corresponding teeth on the locks make them hard to pick.

Magnetic Keys

These keys contain magnets; thus, when you place the key on the locks, it causes the tumblers within the lock to align and release. They offer a good level of security because physical force can’t open the doors, and they are very hard to replicate.

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